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Solve Water Drainage Problems for Home or Business

In South Florida we get almost 70 inches of rainfall each year, but the real problem is that we often get a lot of rain in a short period of time, so runoff or flooding of streets and yards is a common occurrence. This can cause a number of problems, for instance, heavy water flows can carry away topsoil. Even worse, the water might undermine foundations and other structures. In many cases, water just prevents you from enjoying the use of your yard and property.

Beacon Irrigation, and its affiliate company Beacon Building (, have helped many south Florida homes and businesses find a permanent solution to water problems. The answer may be as simple as diverting the water away from certain areas of the property, or it might require a more complex “fix” involving underground drainage lines and/or french drains. Beacon Irrigation has been in business since 1969, and we’re confident we can help you as we have helped many others. The pictures below offer a sampling of what we can do. Also, check out this link to a stacked-block retaining wall which helped one south Florida homeowner “reclaim” their backyard area.

Beacon Irrigation and Beacon Construction have significant experience with many projects in Palm Beach County and south Florida, and can fully address your needs in this area.

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