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Beacon has solutions for all irrigation needs, such as this project involving a complex irrigation system for 350 relocated trees on a large oceanfront property

We have been serving residential and commercial clients in South Florida since 1969. Our knowledgeable staff is led by a State Certified General Contractor which gives this team a unique understanding of how projects involving multiple contractors should be coordinated.

This large residential project involved the design and installation of an irrigation system for 350 trees that were relocated within the property.

Steve Ocampo, owner of Beacon Irrigation & Lighting in Palm Beach County Florida explains his company’s tree relocation irrigation support on a jobsite on the beach in south Florida. Hundreds of trees were relocated on the property and Beacon Irrigation provided expert watering to keep the trees alive. Beacon is also providing a dual irrigation system. This project will have a traditional and drip irrigation system and will get water from a well and also have a city water backup.

Steve Ocampo from Beacon Irrigation talks about the job that is now just about complete. Tree relocation, drip irrigation and above ground sprinklers with computerized remote site capability.

Beacon Irrigation & Lighting finishes West Palm Beach Tree relocation and irrigation project. Steve Ocampo provides overview and talks about ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the home’s irrigation needs.

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