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This Parkland, Florida, homeowner addressed several needs with one call to Beacon Irrigation and Lighting, who worked with its sister companies Beacon Building Co. and The Pool Butler Fl to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution to meet all of the homeowner’s concerns.

First and foremost was the need to protect against runoff and erosion that could undermine the swimming pool and patio. Left unaddressed, costly repairs would likely have been needed down the road. Beacon designed and constructed a decorative yet structurally sound retaining wall system to protect the pool and patio area.

Next, the homeowner wanted to get more use out of the pool and patio area with an outdoor kitchen. We have many years of experience building customer kitchen and eating areas, and worked with the family to design one that fully met their needs. And because every patio is different, every outdoor kitchen will be different. An outdoor kitchen can put everything in one place and right where you need it, and lets you enjoy your family and friends while you’re preparing the meal.

Finally, this homeowner wanted to replace old, dated pavers with new ones that blended better with the patio area, and also wanted to install some additional walkways. We have installed and updated many paver systems, and we were able to work with the homewners to provide just what they were looking for.

Give Beacon a call at 561-883-1201 and let us help find a solution for whatever your needs are!

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parkland build outdoor kitchen
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parkland outdoor kitchen area construction
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