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When finding the right irrigation contractor or sprinkler contractor in West Palm Beach in a time where technological resources and information are abundant, the selection process can become overwhelming. Where do you begin? It seems intuitive that you would desire an irrigation contractor that is both licensed and insured. After all, you wouldn’t go to a doctor that is mediocre or without the proper credentials. In this article, our goal is to simplify the importance of quality control and accountability through county and state licensure. We explore the cost of hiring a company that choses not to carry the appropriate insurance as regulated.

Contractor License Versus Occupational License

To conduct business in the State of Florida, every business is required to maintain an Occupational License. This is the lowest standard requirement for any business to meet. An occupational license DOES NOT mean that the copany is entitled to identify as “Licensed and Insured” on any marketing materials, fleet, or equipment. It DOES NOT mean that the company is a Licensed Irrigation Contractor. Confusion over distinguishing between Occupational License and Contractor License misled the public to such an extent the municipalities stopped referring to the status as a license and now designate it as a “Business Tax.” To expound on the importance of proper licensing implications, visit Landscape Management

License Requirements

Certified and registered contractors are required to stay relevant and knowledgeable through Certified Education Units (CEU) in order to maintain licensure status. This ensures that your contractor is current on the ever-changing building codes and OSHA standards for Licensed Irrigation Contractors operating in West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Atlantis, Town of Gulf Stream, Lantana, Ocean Ridge, Boca Raton, and more. In order to learn more about license requirements, visit

Contractor Licenses Quality Control  

The second step of due diligence on the customer’s part is to verify the contractor license under which the company is operating to verify that the name on the business cards are congruent with the licensee and that the status is active according to the state. You can easily check the authenticity and status of your contractor’s Florida state license here: . County licenses for West Palm Beach, Martin, and Dade can be verified through county government website. Neglecting to verify licensure leaves you vulnerable to fraud, liability issues and financial risk, in addition to shoddy quality. Efforts are being made in the state of Florida to counter fraudulent unlicensed contractors

A West Palm Beach County license in any industry (Painter, Electrician, Irrigation, Pool, etc.) provides that a company can only perform work in West Palm Beach where the license is held. That explains why you may see several license numbers advertised on a contractor vehicle as a separate license is required for each county where sprinkler work is conducted. A state licensed contractor is permitted to perform work throughout the state of Florida and is signified by the letter “C” in front of the license number. CGC is a state authorized Certified General Contractor, CFC is Certified Plumbing Contractor, CPC is Certified Pool Contractor, etc.


Any company you hire MUST be insured. Commercial insurance is a three-legged stool that includes

– General Liability Insurance
– Vehicle Insurance
– Worker’s Comp Insurance

The public is free to request proof of all three of these essential documents. A professional organization with nothing to hide is happy to provide proof of insurance in all three domains. As a consumer, verify that the company is current and that the name on the business card is exactly the way it appears on the insurance declaration page. Workers comp exempt is not proof of having workers comp insurance! Know the financial risks of saving a dollar on an uninsured company: if a worker is injured on your property without having workers compensation, you will be held liable in a court of law.

Beacon Irrigation & Lighting, Inc. D/B/A Beacon Building, Co.
Licensed and Insured

If you choose Beacon Irrigation & Lighting, Inc. or Beacon Building, Co. as your licensed irrigation contractor, you are gaining the benefit of over 20 years of hands-on experience. This experience has allowed us to determine the best products to endure against our harsh climate. We have streamlined the most efficient schedules and offer collaboration among a variety of trades. Our experience affords us an understanding of different soil types in our region that determine base layers for driveways and patios, along with plant choice and watering requirements. We are experts in the collection and dispersal of the water that falls during our epic storms. Our expertise is held to the strictest industry regulations through proper, verifiable State licensure. You can rest assured knowing that we prioritize the protection of our clients’ assets by upholding the highest insurance standard. Don’t fall victim to the unlicensed contractors that are unable to complete projects or run away with deposits.

If you hire Beacon Irrigation & Lighting, Inc. or Beacon Building, Co., we are committed to complete customer satisfaction and have a long list of references and reviews available upon request. We would love to add you to our family of happy customers!

The Story of the Hummingbird

On March 17th, 2017

A raging fire is burning in the jungle. It’s such an overwhelming disaster that all of the animals are watching the conflagration in shock. A hummingbird says, “I’m going to do something about the fire.” It flies to the nearest stream and takes a drop of water. It races back to the fire, where it drops the water onto the flames. Back and forth it goes, over and over, while the larger animals — like the elephant whose trunk could deliver so much more water — stand watching. Eventually they ask the hummingbird, “What do you think you can do? You’re too little!”

Without pausing, the hummingbird answers:

“I’m doing the best I can.”

That story is adapted from environmental activist Wangari Maathai. It holds great meaning and motivation for the owner and staff at Beacon Irrigation & Lighting in West Palm Beach, FL. Day to day struggles can morph into problems that seem so overwhelmingly larger than life that it can be tempting to relent and beg the question, “What impact can I or this small company have on such an issue?” It is a reminder that when people coalesce together around an idea, great change will follow. History has shown us the impact of working together time and time again. It gives me hope and the desire to let go of fear – fear of failure of fear of being criticized – and to simply do the very best that I can.

According to the South Florida Water Management District, south Florida is one of the wettest areas in the country with abundant rainfall of about 53” per year. However, the demands of a growing population and weather patterns that can rapidly change from downpour to drought, make water conservation a top priority for protecting the fresh water supply for today and future generations. Beacon Irrigation & Lighting takes its role in this mission seriously by staying educated through attendance at National Conferences, implementing the most efficient irrigation strategies recommended, and working to decrease wasteful fresh water usage.