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are guaranteed for two years parts & labor.

Beacon Irrigation and Lighting is the company you need for the professional installation of state of the art irrigation and sprinkler systems. We attend a minimum of one trade show per year in order to stay abreast with the ever-changing product lines and new innovations of our industry. All of our installations are installed according to the rigorous standards as set by the Irrigation Association, Florida Irrigation Society and the Florida Building Code. All of our systems are guaranteed for two years parts and labor and if we design your system it is guaranteed to have full overlapping coverage or we will reinstall the system at our expense.

Sprinkler Systems - Professional Certified Designs

Commercial - We provide irrigation designs for commercial clients that may be submitted with the initial building permit application. Our irrigation designs include the point of connection, back flow devices, clock and rain sensor location, head layout, sleeve locations, pipe type and size. We take into consideration multiple variables when designing your system including: Soil and plant type per zone, sun and wind exposure, current water restrictions, and available watering windows. We will include the gallons per minute per zone which is useful when calculating water use and charge rate. Our designers verify each other's work to make sure your design meets all codes as set forth by The Florida Building Code Appendix "F". Finally, the client will receive two signed and certified copies of the plan which is ready for submittal for permitting.

Residential - We also provide irrigation designs for the "Do It Yourself " homeowner. Our design plans will ensure that when you follow the plan your sprinkler system will work properly. And our comprehensive parts list will save you from making unnecessary trips to Home Depot or other sprinkler supply stores. The small fee for a Beacon design will save you lots of time and aggravation. Our design plans are also important when Beacon does the installation since it gives the homeowner an understanding of the work to be performed.

Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System - Installation

Commercial - Beacon Irrigation and Lighting has the experienced crews necessary to facilitate the installation of irrigation systems that exceed $500K in value. We will communicate with the Superintendent and initiate/attend site meetings so that unforeseen issues can be averted before they become costly. We will ask the essential questions regarding the overall project to avoid having the irrigation system installed prematurely only to have pipes broken at a later date. Our staff is lead by a State Certified General Contractor which gives our team a unique understanding of how projects involving multiple contractors should be coordinated.

Residential - Beacon coordinates and installs irrigation systems for any size property. Your sales representative will accompany the crew to your site for orientation and to ensure that all of the homeowner's requests are honored. We are happy to coordinate with any other subcontractors that may be working on the site to make sure that scheduling conflicts are avoided. Upon completion of your new installation, we will provide an as-built on a customer provided site plan of all the newly installed components of your system including back flow, clock, valve, main line, and well locations. A water consumption detail along with zone summary chart is also standard with our installations.

Maintenance / Sprinkler Repair

Our service division is capable of handling all of your irrigation problems promptly. We take before and after photos of the work we perform. A door knocker notifies you that we were at your property and an e-mail can be sent upon request with the detail of the work performed along with your invoice. Our technicians are capped at a maximum of two hours of work on any one property without receiving written authorization. We do this to ensure that there is proper communication between the client and our office staff which helps to avoid any unexpected charges.

Maintenance / Service Contracts

Beacon Irrigation and Lighting offers monthly, bimonthly and quarterly service programs customized to fit your needs. We inspect the controller for proper time settings and ensure that the plants and turf are receiving adequate water given the season. All water restrictions are followed. Our service crews will raise heads as needed to accommodate plant growth in addition to raising, straightening and repacking heads in the lawn depressed by mowing equipment. Any minor breaks (1" and smaller) will be repaired. Pumps shall be inspected for proper operation and canal screens will be pulled and serviced once a year. Nozzles will be adjusted so that over spray is minimized to curtail waste and potential water damage to structures.

Site Mapping and Valve Locating

Save time and money on repairs with a site map that shows you where all of the components of your irrigation system are located. If you call our company to locate your existing system components, we will provide a complete "as-built" of your property detailing the location of everything that we were able to find. "As-builts" provided upon the receipt of final payment.

Other Irrigation Services

Clock and pump repair, pool reroutes, conversions from one water source to another and hydraulic conversions.


Build underground extension of roof gutter system, build French Drains and alleviate standing water problems